A Day in the Life of an Office Runner

Being a ‘Runner’ for a television production company may not have occurred to you as a job you might enjoy, but it can be an exciting role for the right disabled person. Toni Enright talks about her experience in being a Runner at Studio Lambert:

Television studio set

If you’re a TV lover like me – I mean, who isn’t?! –  the most exciting thing about being an Office Runner at Studio Lambert is the insight and exposure you are given into every stage of making a TV show. From creating ideas in Development to bringing those ideas to screen in Production, being a Runner is the only role that allows you to communicate with every member of the company across all levels and departments. This is so exciting when starting a career in TV, as it allows you to build great working relationships with lots of talented, experienced and creative people, but also gives you the opportunity to decide which path to pursue in your career, all whilst gaining invaluable advice to help you along the way.

If I had to describe the role of a Runner in a sentence, I’d say that we are the eyes and ears of the building, overseeing all goings-on in the office and responsible for ensuring its smooth day-to-day running.

Working in a team of five under the guidance of the Office Manager, a typical day starts off with a quick check of emails to catch up on what’s going on in the office, what jobs need doing and what problems are waiting to be solved. Once we’re up to date, our day can take a variety of turns depending on the business needs of the day, but typical tasks include managing and maintaining stock of all office supplies, organising couriers and collections, updating archives, disposing of confidential material, sending post – the list goes on! In addition to this, we also provide a crucial service to all the production teams in the company, from organising the distribution of camera kits and equipment to collecting props and delivering rushes on the daily runs.

Sometimes we are even asked to help out on shoots, which is a great chance to experience creating television shows first-hand and sharpen up on essential camera kit skills. Working as an Office Runner is a busy role that relies on initiative, quick-thinking and being a team player with a can-do attitude. No day is the same, so you’re always guaranteed to learn something new, overcome different challenges and develop skills that are vital to surviving in the exciting and unpredictable world of TV.

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