Share and Celebrate Successful Inclusion!

All employers are at a different stage in their journey to become more inclusive and accessible to disabled candidates. Some are looking at this for the first time, perhaps having previously focused on race, gender or other issues. Others have been working on this agenda for many years and have come up with some great initiatives. Most will be somewhere in between. Wherever you are in the journey, the RIDI Awards make it possible for you to share what you are achieving, and celebrate it publicly.

There are some great reasons to enter the RIDI Awards – you and your team can celebrate good practice that you are implementing (often it’s the smallest changes that can make the biggest impact), you can share your story and inspire other employers, and you can help to drive change.

From a recruitment point of view, being involved with the RIDI Awards very powerfully demonstrates to talented disabled people that you are serious about accessing their talent. You will be enhancing your reputation as an inclusive employer of choice, and will attract the very best candidates to apply for your roles.

The application process is straightforward and allows you to focus on the specific practice that you are proud of. There are a number of different categories to enable a wide range of employers to apply. You can apply for more than one category – see more on each category here.

The important thing is to get on with it quickly! Entries close on 1st February, so get your skates on! Finalists will be announced on 16th February, and the winners announced at an awards ceremony on 15th March.

Get thinking about what best practice you can share and celebrate, and enter these awards right now!

Good luck!

(Please note – I am on the judging panel, but I’m not open to bribes!)

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