Accessible City Breaks

With over 11 million disabled people in the UK cities are becoming ever more accessible for those with limited mobility. In a study by the Papworth Trust it was found that 57% of those with a disability in the UK struggle with mobility.

Therefore, Easypay Mobility have decided to look at the most accessible cities in the UK and give some advice about how to make the most of a city break if you have a disability.


Chester is a fantastic place for those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters to visit. This small city has a population of 77,000 and was chosen as the most accessible city in Europe in 2017.

Chester Station offers level access with doors of at least 320cm wide to make sure those in wheelchairs can easily get in and out of the station. Out in the streets, all of Chester’s elevated walkways, public buses and taxis are wheelchair accessible.

If you’re looking for something to do while you are there, Chester Zoo is fully accessible and has advice for autistic and visually impaired visitors.


Over recent years a lot has been done to make the busy London streets more accessible. All London black cabs are wheelchair accessible, as are London buses. At train and tube stations throughout London you can request passenger assist twenty-four hours in advance.

The British Museum is wheelchair friendly with a level entrance, as is Madame Tussauds although as the museum can only accept up to three wheelchair visitors at a time it is essential to book a slot online.


Glasgow doesn’t have as many wheelchair accessible transport options but can still be a great place to visit for anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. ScotRail allow users to book assistance three hours in advance, meaning greater flexibility for passengers who need help getting on trains.

City sightseeing buses offer tours which are fully accessible however the subway in Glasgow isn’t accessible to wheelchair users unless they are able to get out of their chair and fold it down while travelling at certain stations. Luckily, ScotRail do promise to pay for taxis or any disabled passengers who need to access the locations which can’t be accessed via the subway.

Kelingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a brilliant museum for visitors to the city. The museum is fully wheelchair accessible, there is a hearing loop in place and there is in-depth information about accessibility on their website.


Despite its hills, Edinburgh is a great city for those with mobility issues to visit. Waverley Station has step free entrances and lifts to access platforms. The tram which runs through sections of Edinburgh is wheelchair accessible at all stations and offers fantastic access to many of the main tourist attractions in the city.

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art if a wonderful place to visit and is fully wheelchair accessible. For more info, you could visit a blog written by a disabled blogger who reviews various holiday locations.

For more information, including a map of each location and top tips for travelling with a disability make sure to check out Easypay Mobilities infographic now.

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