How The Parcel Delivery Industry Is Becoming More Accessible

Having been at the forefront of industry discussions for quite some time now and the question we need to ask today is what industries are doing to improve and whether or not it’s quite good enough. The parcel delivery industry, in particular, is one that has a lot of potentialto improve. From increasing the availability of disabled-friendly positionsto creating accessibility for customers, the industry is already working to improve – but how? In this piece, we’re taking a look at the parcel delivery industry and just how it’s becoming more accessible.

The Industry As A Whole

On a consumer level, the sending and receiving of parcels is a fairly accessible process. From door-to-door services that prevent the need to reach a post office, to the ability to get quotes for cheap courier services online with minimal fuss, parcel delivery on a consumer level is well on its way to becoming fully accessible. On an employment level, however, things are a little more difficult. While help is available from programmes like Access to Work, general accessibility really depends on the company a person is looking to work for and the job role they want to fill.

Access To Work

Access to Work is a government-run service that currently aids over 28,000 people in the UK. This service was created to be put on offer through Jobcentre Plus and every day aids disabled staff in accessing new and existing jobs and this, of course, stretches to the parcel delivery industry. Through this service, those looking for work or starting a new job or activity within their job can seek advice and information that might help them to overcome difficulties that they might potentially face. Those looking for help in gaining a job or starting a job in the parcel delivery can contact them through the official government website and could even be entitled to monetary grants as aid.

The Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is the central mail service for the UK and has been working hard to make accessibility possible for current and potential disabled employees. Through a partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions, they are building up a national team dedicated to helping local managers with opening up Royal Mail workplaces to disabled applicants. In fact, they’re even offering cover of up to £1,000 to managers for any additions or adaptations that need to be made in order to adjust for disabled workers. While this is just one company among the many, they have the potential to drive an ongoing improvement process for couriers and alternate delivery services too.

The parcel delivery industry is one that could benefit greatly from improvements in the future, but one that is already working to become much more accessible to workers across the UK. From Access to Work help, to the Royal Mail Group’s support for its managers in their journey to full accessibility for potential and current workers, the industry has made a good starting point. With the likes of automation, artificial intelligence and other technological innovation starting to sweep across in the industry, accessibility and ease of use across multiple levels of the supply chain are only set to improve further, so watch this space!

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