Invictus Games (in the every day)….

Written by Corporate Engagement Manager, Adam Etherington
Who else has been watching the Invictus Games on the television last week? I’m amazed at the passion, tenacity, courage and determination of the athletes. So much so, that I wrote this blog and dedicate it to the many disabled athletes that the ‘I AM’ logo represents.

Image shows a scrap of paper with the words ‘what are you waiting for?’
I watched the ex-Army Sergeant, that had three of his limbs blown off when on tour in Afghanistan, as he swam at the Games. He won two gold medals, using just one arm. The whole event says so much about the character and the attitude of the individuals taking part. They are an inspiration to me and many other disabled people across the world. I hope the following doesn’t strike you as too indulgent, but I have to get a few things off my mind.
I am Disabled
I am a 53-year-old man with Multiple Sclerosis
I am working for Evenbreak – an organisation that helps inclusive employers attract and retain talented disabled people.
I am working from home. This benefits both myself, my employer and the environment.
I am working with a brilliant team of disabled colleagues.
I am good at my job.
I am not a burden to Evenbreak.
I am a Corporate Engagement Manager.
I am loving what I am doing.
I am learning from Jane Hatton, who founded Evenbreak’s niche disability job board seven years ago.
I am impressed that we have over 30,000 disabled candidates registered on our job board.
I am calling out to large employers. Let me illustrate the advantages you’ll gain from employing talented disabled people.
I am positive. I don’t give up.
I am reaching out to you at
Do you? Motivate others?  Appreciate the value of different abilities? Understand the business case for employing disabled people? Get in touch.

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