Some things I’d like you to know about… Gowling WLG

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One of the best Evenbreak perks is working with great people. By great, I don’t mean impressive and successful, although they often are. I mean that these people are the game changers. The clients that work with us are invested in change. They don’t settle for the status quo. They take the leaps that other organisations are still talking about.

As I learn more about them and work more closely with them, I want to share what I learn. This isn’t to show them off, although they often deserve showing off. It’s to say thank you to them and to share what works well with others. Gowling WLG is first up. Here are three of the things they do well:

  • They are serious about inclusion at board level. They have a board member who sponsors disability, mental health and wellbeing in the firm. They are also a passionate and active member of Gowling WLG’s employee network, Enable.
  • They are committed to learning. Reverse Mentoring has been implemented for all board members. This supports their development in inclusion confidence.
  • They continually review how they do things. Recently Gowling WLG reviewed their workplace adjustments process. They introduced a ‘wellbeing passport’ and manager and colleague guidelines.

What about the recruitment process itself?

I can confirm that my experience with Gowling WLG reflects this commitment. In August, I met with Jo Franklin, Head of Resourcing at Gowling WLG. We talked about the recruitment process at Gowling WLG. And the barriers that disabled candidates can experience.

I was struck by how much attention she paid to my experience as a visitor to Gowling WLG. She paid attention. She asked questions. And her commitment to continuous improvement was clear. Even if this meant asking awkward questions and facing awkward answers. So I would add… They listen.

Here’s Vicky Green, Associate at Gowling WLG. She gives her take on the recruitment process and tips for prospective candidates.

What is your organisation doing to become a game changer?

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