Some Irreverent Boxing Day Viewing

The turkey is eaten, the presents unwrapped, and it’s the same old films being shown on TV. So we thought we’d share some fun videos with you (although beware of some inappropriate humour!).

We like Zach Anner’s Top 10 things I wish people knew about Cerebral Palsy (and he has the biceps of a Greek God)

When you think of humour and disability, Evenbreak’s Patron Francesca Martinez comes straight to mind! Here’s a sample of her brilliant humour (caution – some swearing and adult humour involved!)

And of course, disabled people don’t bite (unless we’re really hungry …).

We found some irreverent humour from (the very young- looking) Adam Hills

It would be impossible to leave the Lost Voice Guy out of a list like this

From our best practice portal, Ross Hovey talks about what makes him laugh around disability

And finally, even guide dogs aren’t this clever

I hope these gave you a few chuckles over your left-over turkey, and we’ll be back with some more serious content in 2019!



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