Five easy New Year’s resolutions to help you become a more inclusive employer

Two rows of chocolate cupcakes that spell out Happy 2019So many people hate New Year’s resolutions. They remind us of past failures and far too often include giving up chocolate. Which can seem wrong on so many levels… I’m a great fan of resolutions or goals. To me, they emphasise change, possibility, action. All things that I’m a fan of.

So, this year I’ve put together a teeny tiny list of resolutions for employers. Each one will make a difference to at least one person, immediately. Together you will have the beginnings of culture change. And you’ll be on your way to becoming an inclusive employer of choice. Plus… you won’t need to give up chocolate.

1)  See disabled people as valuable talent rather than problems to solve.  Employers that focus on employees’ strengths inspire growth and innovation.

2)  Ask disabled employees, customers and candidates for feedback.  And act on that feedback.  Employers that listen and act, inspire commitment.

Learn something new and become more inclusive…

3)  Take 30 minutes to learn about something that doesn’t affect you. A few weeks ago, I learnt the importance of capitalising the first letter of each word after using a hashtag. It allows screen reader software to read out each word separately. And makes them #EasierToRead! Thank you to the Royal National Institute of Blind People for this tip!

4) Share the good practice you develop and learn from others. There are many opportunities out there worth investigating. Evenbreak’s unlimited advertisers have access to our online community Evenbreaker’s. It encourages employers to talk openly about challenges and triumphs and we learn as a group. Disability networks (such as the Midlands Ability Group) connect employers committed to progress. They share best practice and events throughout the year.

5) Ensure your people are confident and competent around inclusion and accessibility. Provide training and ongoing access to learning resources for all employees. Not just the chosen few. I’ll admit this resolution has a cost implication. But the cultural return on investment will be huge.


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