What kind of talent are you really looking for?

When hiring managers are looking to fill a position, and say they want “talent”, what they often mean is “I want someone who has done this identical job in an identical organisation so I won’t have to train them”.

Other things they think they want are “relevant experience”, “culture fit” and “easy hires”.

In the (very) short term, this sort of makes sense. And for a line manager, it probably solves an immediate problem. But, at best, it simply means you get more of the same. No new ideas. No innovation. No new ways of looking at or doing things.

For the sustainability of the company, and the opportunities for growth, ‘more of the same’ is not helpful. We need to be kept on our toes, challenged, hearing new ideas, open to opportunities. We don’t need clones.

Of course, the hiring manager needs people with the skills to do the job. And people with those skills could have learned them in a variety of settings. Most skills are transferable. Finding candidates with the skills needed means much more than finding a clone of the previous post-holder; talent can come in all shapes and sizes.

Companies who are looking to future-proof their organisations and be ready to maximise opportunities for growth, need a whole range of different skills, personalities, qualities and talents. Disabled people can form a valuable source of talent which can additionally bring new perspectives, new ways of thinking, innovation and resilience.

Are your hiring managers looking for clones of themselves, or people who will really bring additional value with them?

Group of business people, including men and women, people from different ethnic groups and a person using a wheelchair

If you want to attract diverse talent, have a conversation with us right now!

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