Covid 19 – A catalyst for changing our work systems?


[image description: Kiana, team member at Evenbreak, holding pen and notepad, looking at straight ahead and ready to work]

The covid-19 pandemic has caused a complete overhaul of our usual routines. It is challenging how we, as a society, go about our daily lives whether it’s work or socialising or accessing healthcare services.

But perhaps there’s a silver lining … perhaps, when this is all over, we will invest more proactively in self-care and health care services. And, change how we work.

Many people are working from home now – those whose jobs don’t require them to actually be outside, in contact with others, are working remotely. And so, if, by and large, jobs can be done at home flexibly it begs the question of why society has been reluctant to make this adaptation to include disabled people in their workforce?

At Evenbreak, we all work flexibly from home – and yes this was before the pandemic lockdown started. Of course, we still did face-to-face meetings and traveled for events, but only when it was actually necessary. Not because “normal” work culture dictated it to be so.

We’ve made very little change to how we work at Evenbreak because of the pandemic – of course, there are event delays, postponed video productions and the sort but really, our fundamentals have remained the same. Perhaps our working model will stand the test of time – or rather the test of this pandemic! And as a bonus, our overheads are lower compared to office-based companies so really, we’re saving money and investing in the talent we hire to make our business the best.

And once we get through to the other side of this, perhaps more people will be open to workplace changes, allowing adjustments to hire the best talent for your workplace and not just someone who fits in outdated workplace norms.

If you’d like to revolutionise your way of working, if you’d like to be more diverse, efficient and productive, check out our services and get in touch with

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