Disability Etiquette

Many people feel embarrassed around disabled people, or fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing, leaving the disabled person even more isolated. This is an introduction to “Disability Etiquette” – a light-hearted look at some of the issues we can all get stuck with. Written by a disabled businesswoman and illustrated by a disabled cartoonist, it covers the following issues:

  1. The Basics
  2. Terminology
  3. Physical access
  4. Attitudinal barriers
  5. Communication tips
  6. Things not to say to disabled people
  7. Ways to be helpful to disabled people
  8. Engaging with people with sight or hearing impairments
  9. Engaging with people with unhidden impairments
  10. Engaging with people with hidden disabilities

It also signposts further sources of information. A great book for employees to help them welcome a disabled member of the team or work effectively with disabled customers

(There is also an option for organisations to have a branded version to distribute to all their staff, including logo, foreword from chairman/CEO, organizational policies and resources, links to internal sources of information etc. Please call Jane on 0845 658 5717 to discuss this further)

Only £5.00 : [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=3]

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