Sharing good practice – can you help?

The “Disability Etiquette” series is coming to an end, with the tenth and final part being published on Thursday of this week. I hope you have enjoyed the series and found it useful. We’ve had some very positive feedback, and my intention is to draw them together with some additional information and produce an e-book on the subject. My hope is that this e-book can be used to help prepare employees for when disabled people join their team – removing embarrassment and fear and replacing them with confidence and a willingness to make them feel welcome and included. I was discussing with a large employer today the possibility of making a bespoke version for their staff and including their policies and resources etc. I’d be interested in your thoughts on that.

So – what next? Well, one of the issues that crops up time and time again when I talk to employers is the willingness and desire to improve practice around employing disabled people, and the value of learning from the good practice of others. Some of the feedback we gained from employers who attended our launch earlier this year was how much they appreciated the opportunity to discuss these issues with other employers, to find out what they were doing in this area.

My intention is to run a series of blogs sharing real case studies of good practice from a range of employers, covering a variety of disabilities and looking at different parts of the employment cycle – from attracting, recruiting, selecting, inducting, identifying reasonable adjustments, developing, training, supporting and retaining disabled staff.  I’ve put a few feelers out already and the response has been amazing – both in terms of enthusiasm for the project and also in offering examples of innovative practice.

I hope to continue with the same format – two blogs a week, one from the good practice series and one other. I anticipate this will run and run as new examples are communicated, and will probably not appear in any logical order to start off with – I will write them as they appear. Again, eventually I hope this will lead into an e-book looking at each stage of the employment process in turn, giving examples of good practice that we can learn from and perhaps adapt for our own organisations.

So, my plea to you employers (and employees) today is if you are aware of good ideas that others might learn from – perhaps innovative ways of reaching a “hard-to-reach” group, unusual aids and adaptations that have made a difference, how you have trained colleagues in disability awareness – I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at or call me on 01384 278319.

The examples need to be real, so I will, of course, credit the organisation. Some case studies may involve particular individual disabled employees who can remain anonymous if they prefer, but some have agreed to say a bit about how they felt about the good practice – sometimes, of course, it will have been initiated by them.

I truly believe collaboration is the way forward, and I very much look forward to learning about all the innovative good practice that is slowly changing the culture of the workplace to be much more disability-friendly.


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