Guest blog: Invitation to take part in a study

Today’s guest blog is written by Chryso Pieridi, a PhD student who is conducting some research at the University of Surrey around the experience of employers when hiring a person with a brain tumour. Over to Chryso:

Being employed offers people more than just income and financial security. It also helps give people a strong sense of social identity; helps them feel involved; they are using their time constructively and are attaining personal achievements.

For those who have experienced a brain injury of any kind, returning to work and feeling productive can be an important factor in their community (re)integration.  For example, a study on cancer survivors reported that any support the cancer survivor received from their employers and colleagues, as well as the job accommodations provided, made it easier for them to keep working during their treatment.

The current study will focus on the experiences of employers and Human Resources managers who have hired or accepted back to work an employee with a brain tumour. More specifically, I’m looking at how employers/Human Resources managers experience the hiring of a person with a brain tumour, whether they are confident in providing the appropriate accommodations for them in their workplace, as well as their own opinions on accepting back to work or hiring a person with brain tumour. This project is funded by the Macmillan Cancer Support and is conducted in collaboration with the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

The main purpose of the study is to explore what employing a person with a brain tumour means for employers. The second purpose is for the researchers to identify what may be influential at the time employers decide to hire someone who had experienced a brain tumour, and how to retain them.

All it takes is answering a few questions regarding your experience. No personal information of the employees is required for this study, just your viewpoints, opinions and concerns. The interview will take place at your own convenience. Any information you provide, like names or address, will be kept confidential.

The results of this study will have implications for vocational rehabilitation programmes and supported employment delivery models.

If you or someone you know would like to take part in this study, please contact:

Chryso Pieridi

PhD student/Health Psychologist in training

Department of Psychology

Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

University of Surrey




Tel.: 01483 682884




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