Promoting Positive Mental Health at Work – new guide

cover of acas guideEarlier this year, Acas published a new guide for employers called “Promoting Positive Mental Health at Work”. It contains a lot of useful information for employers who are keen to address mental health issues effectively. It covers subjects such as what mental health is, why it is important, what influences mental health and how to promote positive mental health at work. There are also a number of scenarios across the mental health continuum.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development report that stress is now the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for both manual and non-manual workers, so it makes financial sense for employers to address this issue sensitively and pro-actively. The guide encourages managers and employees to talk about their mental health. Often a lack of confidence or embarrassment prevents people from broaching the subject, and the guide aims to help managers gain confidence in addressing these issues.

Previous blogs here and here have touched on this subject, and this guide helps to promote further awareness. The guide gives a number of scenarios of people in different places on the mental health continuum to encourage thinking about appropriate responses in each case.

The guide is a good starting point for employers and managers, and gives links to a number of other useful resources, including a line manager’s resource for managing mental health at work which can be found at


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One thought on “Promoting Positive Mental Health at Work – new guide

  1. Its good that mental health can be discussed in the open. Some recent TV ads showed things in a positive light with the reaction to a colleague having been off for a while. I recall reading somewhere that GPs are dishing out pills as the quickest, cheapest way of dealing with issues – all it does is delay the problem and have to wean you off the pills. Money Saving Experts guide to ‘Mental Health and Debt’ is well worth a read: (paste into your browser)


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