Guest Blog: Choosing your inclusive recruitment partner

Jennifer Davidson
Jennifer Davidson

Today’s guest blog is written by Jennifer Davidson, Partnership Manager at TXM Recruit. TXM Recruit is part of the £100m Turnover Ombros Group and are an established, specialist recruitment consultancy with a proactive, dynamic approach to permanent and temporary recruitment solutions. Operating across a diverse range of industries including Rail, Motorsport, Defence, Gas & Renewables, Building Services, Technology, Transport and Business Services. Here are Jennifer’s thoughts on choosing your inclusive recruitment partner:

Employing people with disabilities can add significant value to organisations. Inclusive recruitment processes mean that employers have a greater choice of talent from which to choose from. However to be truly inclusive you must look to partner with other organisations who sing from the same song sheet. Recruitment agencies are the gateway to a diverse candidate pool, but finding those who truly represent your company’s values can be challenging.

Knowledge and experience are the crucial attributes to succeed in recruitment. It is important that your recruiters are clued up in all legal aspects of employment and diversity. Having experience is equally important to show they understand the inclusive recruitment cycle from start to finish.

Recruitment is about people, and having disability confident consultants on board demonstrates this. A good recruitment consultant will understand the importance and value in sourcing and supporting disabled candidates.Legally, a candidate does not have to declare their disability to their recruitment consultant, but if they do choose to do so, you want your recruitment agency to give the very best support and assistance in applying for your roles.

Of course, choosing a business partner in any capacity requires research. There is likely to be some key players in your business sector. These are certainly worth exploring, but it is also worth considering smaller, niche recruiters who may be able to provide you with a unique or specialist service.  Remember that in recruitment, testimonials speak volumes. Use networking events or business meetings as a chance to ask for recommendations. You will not only gain a valuable contact but will have more information about what kind of service to expect rather than going in cold. Alternatively, look out for accreditations, awards and memberships. Those agencies that are diversity savvy are often involved in collaborations with other organisations. Membership lists of Clearkit, Employers Forum on Disability and the ENEI can give you an idea of who to approach.

After having done the research, spoken to your colleagues and made a shortlist of possible partners, it is still advisable to meet ‘the face’ of the agency. A meeting gives you the opportunity to see the way they manage the recruitment process for their current clients and whether this is in line with your company’s practise. Invite them for a sales presentation; specifically ask them to show you how they would source a diverse candidate pool for your vacancies.A strong, convincing performance will give you confidence in their ability.

As diversity and inclusive practise in recruitment continue to demonstrate good business sense, many more recruitment agencies will inevitably follow suit – opening up far more partner opportunities for your business. If in your search you face stumbling blocks or need further information,speaking to the professionals can really help;  Evenbreak, The Clear Company and Employers Forum on Disability will be aware of who the inclusive agencies are in your sector and help to steer you in the right direction.

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