Guest blog: Motion hits the Spot!

A blog today from an Evenbreak client who provides a much-needed service to disabled people everywhere.

Motion recently approached Evenbreak to find talented individuals to help with the launch of an exciting new business offering simple, beautiful furniture and fittings for anyone living with a disability. They were pleasantly surprised with both the quantity and quality of applications they quickly received and decided to take on Chris, who has already helped them design the website with some exciting images.

In August 2005, Motion co-founder James Taylor’s life changed unexpectedly after he broke his neck in a diving accident in Portugal.  After eight months of rehabilitation in Stoke Mandeville hospital, he returned home to his flat to find it had been transformed beyond recognition.

James and his wife Katherine went from living in a home designed by them to a house full of grey padded shower seats, white plastic support rails, inaccessible showers and depressing furniture.  The renovation seemed to follow a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy; aesthetics were ignored and in many cases the solutions provided didn’t meet James’s needs.

Ed Warner, a close friend, offered to help James find something better. But after weeks of searching, the same issues kept coming up – little choice, poor advice, condescending customer service, unclear pricing and bad design.

So, with the help of James and his wife Katherine Ed set up Motion to provide a range of well designed disabled furniture and fittings, to ensure that anyone can design the home they deserve.

As one size never fits all, the Motion team offer a free consultation over the phone and have Occupational Therapists who can conduct a home visit and assessment to ensure the best solution is found to match every need. Starting with bathrooms, the Motion range will soon expand the offering across the home. For more on the range see

Ed and James are always on the look out for talented people to work in the business. If you are interested please follow their progress on Twitter @themotionspot and you can email them directly at .


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2 thoughts on “Guest blog: Motion hits the Spot!

  1. Amazing that the current process as it is just does not take individual choice or design into account. Isn’t there research that shows that some of the recovery and well-being process is strongly influenced by one’s surroundings?


  2. This does annoy me that most companies that sell accessibly bathrooms or appliances, that they think nothing of design or style.

    Some companies are and are cornering the market because they understand, they want something functional and beautiful.


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