Myths around Mental Health

I found this amazing website called Time to Change, all around ending mental health discrimination through education. The site includes interesting information, case studies, a blog, and many other useful insights. I particularly liked a page looking at myths and facts, busting some common myths such as:

Myth:   Mental health problems are very rare

Fact:    Mental health problems affect one in four people


Myth:   People with mental illness aren’t able to work

Fact:    We probably all work with someone experiencing mental health problems


Myth:   Young people just go through ups and downs during puberty – it’s nothing

Fact:    One in ten young people will experience a mental health problem


Myth:   People with mental health problems are usually unpredictable and violent

Fact:    People with a mental helath problem are more likely to be victims of violence 


Myth:   People with mental health problems don’t experience discrimination

Fact:    Nine out of ten people with mental health problms experience stigma and discrimination


Myth:   It’s easy for young people to talk to their friends about their feelings

Fact:    Nearly three in four young people fear the reactions of friends when they talk about their mental health problems


For more insights, have a look at the website here

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One thought on “Myths around Mental Health

  1. About Us
    We welcome you to talk to us about yourself and others around you in complete confidence..we will also listen to you and guide you on a path of other help and organisations if you want to.

    We know that people suffer in silence and no need to because we are here to help.

    The Stigma that Mental Health has got
    About understanding People and knowing their limits

    Being miserable,suicidal or confused affects your everyday life and is extreemely frustrating for you and others around you.
    You sometimes don not feel like doing things and we all take daily life for granted. People with Mental Health find this difficult e.g socialising, excercise or just even going to work. Sometimes you can’t even bring yourself to get out of bed. This can make you feel totally isolated and paranoid and think people are against you all the time.

    This is where lightermind comes in no more suffering
    in silence we are here to welcome you and help.
    In my childhood life i suffered both mental and physical abuse from my father, I also witnessed my mother go through to similar things to me .
    I never found the courage to talk to anyone during this time or to seek any help.
    In 2010 things got progressively worse in my daily life and i was crying out for help and felt no one was listening to me.
    My beloved wife then came to my rescue and drove me to A and E where i finally found help and was referred to the correct organisations and the mental health team , which has supported me all the way .
    Now time has moved on and I have managed to turn my life around and become a more positive person.
    There is a light to everyone’s tunnel
    and I am proof of that !!
    this is where lightermind came from
    David Parry


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