Best Practice Case Studies: Sainsbury’s

Working in partnership with specialist agencies can be a really effective way of finding and supporting disabled employees. Here is a case study from Sainsbury’s.

Ten disabled people who, individually, spent many years looking for work are finally celebrating their jobs success, thanks to a partnership between Remploy and one of Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Sheffield.

For one of the group, being employed marks a real turning point. Mike, 50, has not had a job for the past 14 years because of his clinical depression. “I took the plunge and asked Remploy for help,” he said. “I thought I was on the scrapheap, but Remploy helped me with this opportunity at Sainsbury’s. My whole outlook has changed – a job has now transformed my life.”

Fifty-two-year-old Tracey had been out of work for 18 months because of her deepening depression. “I was referred for specialist support from Remploy and that’s when my prospects really improved. I acquired a work skills qualification and I then took part in a workshop at Remploy’s Sheffield Branch that was specifically geared towards working at Sainsbury’s. I now have a job and I’m very proud of it.”

Sonya, 44, has diabetes. “I used to work as a cleaner but my health deteriorated and this led to unemployment. However, like Tracey, my local Jobcentre Plus office introduced me to Remploy. They helped me to get this job at Sainsbury’s and I was delighted to accept. I can honestly say I have never worked for a better company!”

Debbie Moore is the HR manager at Sainsbury’s supermarket. “Since the major revamp of our store last summer we have been able to create a number of new jobs. Remploy is a part of our ‘You Can’ initiative and has helped us find people who are motivated and qualified to fill them. As a result, 10 people who were finding it really difficult to get back into work because of their disability or health condition now have real jobs – they are delighted and so am I.”

Pictured are three of Sainsbury’s new recruits, along with HR Manager Debbie Moore (left) and Remploy account manager Paul Hicks.

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