Spotlight on Talent – Vee

Here is another example of the wide variety of skills within the Evenbreak candidate base. Vee has much to offer the right employer.

Vee has a good science degree, is BBC Engineering qualified and has a high level of IT literacy on Macs and PCs. She has a wide range of experience in broadcast engineering and radio broadcast studio maintenance. She also has a good knowledge of TV broadcast systems and technology, basic server maintenance abilities and basic electronics maintenance skills. This technical background has given her skills applicable to all positions of employment, as she can problem solve effectively and learn new systems quickly and efficiently. Being able to fix her own PC can also be a time saver!

Vee also has administrative and data entry experience and  her customer service experience ranges from the general public to directors, technical management and VIPs, so she can communicate with people at all levels.

Vee is looking for a part time role, perhaps four seven-hour days per week, giving her a mid week break so she can be on top form for work! As her interests are very broad she has no task or industry specific requirements, other than she needs to be seated and mainly undertake physically light duties.

Vee is a highly driven individual. Even when undertaking simpler duties, she provides the best service for customers and works hard for her own job satisfaction. Having struggled with her health in the past, she particularly appreciates working more, and this makes her more focused and driven. Her wide range of experience and skills would make her an asset for any employer.

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