Spotlight on Talent – Fabienne

This week’s Spotlight on Talent features Fabienne – an experienced and very well-organised Administrator.

Fabienne has worked either as a Secretary or an Administrator for more than twenty years.  She is equally at ease when transcribing long-hand documents into a spreadsheet, producing Trade Finance documents or in-putting records into Excel.  In order to complete her tasks successfully, Fabienne makes sure she has all the information at hand.  This may require research (Internet or outside databases), which she is also skilled in.  She has worked for the charity sector and also for a bank for a period of five years as the sole administrator.  Banking requires time management and organisation in order to plan for audits, daily deadlines and a manageable working area.  She took the opportunity of redundancy to study for an OCR Administration at level 2, and also possesses the full European Computer Driving Licence.  She passed the OCR level 3 certificate in text processing audio-transcription (advanced) and also has a CMI award in the subject of developing individuals and team.  As can be seen, Fabienne enjoys studying and works hard to achieve good grades.

Fabienne is diplomatic and is good at putting efficient systems into place in order to organise the office.  This means that no one will run out of stationery, the invoices will be paid and the requirements from Head Office will be met.  She takes an interest in her work area and gathers as much information as possible in order to work effectively.  Her aim is to make the office environment user-friendly. 

The kind of role Fabienne is looking for is not alwaysadvertised.  A back-office type of role, for example, where she would need to have all the information ready for a routine event.

Employers tend to particularly value Fabienne because is consciencious and tends to go the extra mile.  She pays great attention to detail and is also very conscientious, punctual and reliable.  As a volunteer or a fully paid member of staff, she soon becomes an asset for the company she works for.

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