Guest Blog: Making Jobs Accessible for Everyone

A guest post today, with some good advice on making jobs accessible for all.

In these times of economic uncertainty, getting the right person to fill a job vacancy has never been more important, and making sure that your job advert reaches as many people as possible is the first step in the process.

Ensuring that job vacancies are advertised to disabled people is not only a legal requirement, it can open up a whole new world of possibilities to an employer by opening their eyes to people with unique experiences and unique talents.

So if you’re looking for the best person to fill your role, here’s how you can give yourself the best shot of getting it right.

The law

When it comes to employment, any sort of discrimination has long been against the law, and all job vacancies should be open to anyone with the relevant skill set.

If you think that an employer is deliberately withholding a post from disabled people, Co-Op Legal Services may be able to help with advice and information.


To ensure that your advert is seen or heard by as many people as possible, you may have to think a little creatively.

Specialist recruitment and advertising agencies can advise you on the best places to post an ad, and the best format to produce it in to make it accessible for everyone.

This could include a website with audio features for the blind, or targeted publications for people with other disabilities.

Making your workplace accessible

Making your office as accessible as possible will help any disabled employees to work to their fullest potential and make life a great deal easier for them. It will also help when you have disabled people come for interviews.

If you’re unsure how to alter or renovate your office or workplace to make it as accessible as possible, there is advice and information available online.

Looking beyond the CV

When hiring anyone for a new job, it’s important to look beyond the CV at the person that you’re interviewing, and when interviewing disabled people, this is no different.

Think about the extra skills and experience that they’ll be able to bring to a role and take the time to get to know your new potential employee.

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the best person to fill your job vacancy, interviewing disabled people is a must. So get advertising, interviewing and hiring and your company will be growing before you know it.

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One thought on “Guest Blog: Making Jobs Accessible for Everyone

  1. Hi Jane. You’ve put together some great advice in this post. Using a specialist recruitment agency can sometimes be the best way forward – as they have a wealth of experience and can prove fast, effective results.

    Best wishes, Alex.


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