Best Practice Case Studies: Morrisons (2)

Another example from Morrisons about making adaptations so that a member of staff can continue to work within the organisation:

Stephen commenced working for the Company in September 1997. He left school and applied to work weekends (14 hours) at the Company’s Yeadon store on the checkouts. After completing his ‘A’ levels at college, he applied and was accepted to work full time as a checkout operator. Stephen has a condition called opticatrophy which means he has some sight close up but cannot see long distance. At the time of going full time Stephen needed no adjustments in the workplace.

As Stephen’s sight deteriorated we made some slights adjustments to his checkout screen namely changing the layout on the screen so that it was white on black instead of black on white.

In 2007 Stephen applied for a 20 hour per week position in the Administration department and was successful in his application. His hours of work are Monday to Thursday 09.45am – 3.00pm. When Stephen moved into Admin we liaised with Access to Work, who arranged to undertake an assessment to ensure that Stephen was getting the right support, equipment and adjustments he needed to help him comfortably and confidently carry out his role.

A company came out and did an assessment on Stephen and recommended the following:

  • Supanova Software
  • A quick look magnifier
  • A specialist large keyboard
  • A phone amplifier (Stephen also has a slight hearing problem)

Access to Work agreed to part fund the equipment, Morrisons funded the rest and all the above was put in place. In 2008, Stephen got Nick his guide dog who accompanies him to work and stays in the Admin department with him throughout his shift. He has a bed under the desk and Stephen splits his break so that he can walk Nick. Nick is very popular with everyone at the store and Stephen jokes that colleagues only come to Admin to see Nick not him.

Stephen’s duties include:

  • Inputting of the order pad. Stephen has the deadline to meet on a daily basis which he completes successfully every day. The software that was installed on the computer helps Stephen with this task. He also has a large monitor so that he can see more clearly what is displayed.
  • Answering the phone
  • Tannoy Calls
  • The checking of the dispatch notes that come into the office. He uses his magnifier to do this task.
  • Prints off the Shelf edge Labels that display the prices on the shop floor
  • General queries and the signing in and out of visitors to the store.

Stephen loves his role and says, “The company have being fully supportive and have done brilliant in reassuring me and advising me every step of the way whilst the adjustments were carried out. The Company couldn’t have done more to make me feel a valued member of the team and should I have any problems I only need to advise my line manager and they are sorted”.

Both Stephen’s Line Manager and Store Personnel Manager state that Stephen is a valued, well liked and well respected member of the team who always has a smile for everyone.

Outside of work, Stephen likes to socialise with his wife, family and colleagues. He also enjoys taking Nick to the park for Nick’s playtime where Nick is let off his harness for fun with his ball etc, Stephen takes his wife with him for this and uses his white cane so Nick can have a rest.


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