Understanding Diverse Candidates

Each candidate is unique. It is estimated that 70% of candidates may require some kind of adjustments in the workplace. If you knew what those adjustments were (the majority don’t cost a penny) you would be in a much better position to make attracting, recruiting and retaining most of that 70% much easier. But how do you find out? You are no longer allowed to ask if candidates have caring responsibilities, or long term health conditions or whatever. And even if a candidate did tell you that, for example, they had a slight hearing loss and dyslexia, would you know what to do to accommodate those needs for that person?

No employer is a mind-reader, and no employer can be expected to know what would suit every individual applicant to enable them to perform at their best. There is a new system which can overcome all of this, giving you reports about each candidate with clear guidelines to follow.

It’s called Clear Talents, and you can find out more about it here. I have no financial interest in this company other than I think this is a great product, and one it may well be worth you investigating further. Anything that helps us all respond appropriately and effectively to our candidates has to be a good thing!

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