Braille Business Cards – the easy way!

As an organisation that works in the disability field, accessibility is crucial to everything we do. At Evenbreak we go to great pains to ensure our website and job board is as accessible as it’s possible to be (the extra effort and expense is well worth it to ensure that as many candidates as possible can access the site easily). Our candidates tell us that most so-called specialist diversity sites aren’t accessible at all.

For events, we will always provide BSL signers – whether or not there are any delegates who require them – as it sends a strong message about the importance of inclusion and accessibility. All our videos are subtitled. So, in accessibility terms, we have most bases covered. However, I was very conscious that our business cards were not accessible enough. To source business cards which have Braille turned out to be incredibly expensive, so I was delighted when I found a solution that was practical, accessible AND affordable! I just felt I had to share this amazing resource with you.

Lynn Cox, a woman with sight impairment herself, became very aware of the frustration of feeling ashamed when handing over inaccessible business cards to visually impaired people, and also the frustration of receiving business cards which she couldn’t read, thereby losing contact with people she knows she could do business with. She developed an easy way to overcome this problem, and she found a cost-effective method to make existing printed business cards individually Brailled, through placing a Braille film on the back of the card.

I was excited by this, and so decided to try it out for Evenbreak. It really is as simple and effective as it sounds! I sent my existing, conventional, printed business cards to Lynn, and they came back very quickly with contact information on the reverse in Braille. You can choose between matt and glossy (we went for glossy, and love it!). Now I can hand out my business cards with pride. Even those people who aren’t sight-impaired are impressed by them, and it gives out a really strong message about how inclusive and accessible your business is.

Prices are ridiculously affordable (compared to having Braille cards printed), from £34 for 50 cards through to £219 for 500 cards. If you are on a really tight budget, she will produce the Brailled labels, and you cut them and stick them onto the business cards yourself. This brings the cost down to £19 for 50 business cards or £139 for 500 cards.

Turnaround is within two weeks, and the service really is brilliant. If you are not sure what information will fit onto your card in Braille, Lynn will advise you.

If you are interested in this amazing service (and no, we are not on commission, I just want to make as much of the world accessible to as many people as possible!), please contact Lynn on 07818 437651 or email her on

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