Unusual post – Better than Bidets!

The blogs on Evenbreak, as you know, are all related to issues around disability and employment. This is an exception, and I’ve only written it on the off chance that it might be useful to readers. It is, rather bizarrely, about toilet seats! But toilet seats that I wish I’d known about years ago.

I knew these seats existed (there was one in the maternity ward I had my first baby in) but hadn’t really thought about it since. I’d certainly never had their benefits and features explained in detail before. A friend introduced me to Colin Davies of Ascot Hygiene Ltd who has been selling these for 10 years, and what he had to say was very interesting.

Basically, these seats will enable you to deal with your post toilet hygiene at the touch of a button – brilliant! No more worrying about how to clean up, no more dreaded visits to the toilet or waiting for your carer to arrive. Independence and dignity restored all in one easy to use toilet seat. This would’ve been ideal for my mother when she was trying to manage at home. When Colin explained what they do a light went on and I realised how much a bidet seat would’ve helped her get through the day.

Let me tell you how they work. Once installed onto your existing toilet pan (no need to change any toilet hardware) they connect to the plumbing and electrical supply and deliver warm water wash and warm air drying, all at the touch of a button on the remote control unit mounted on the wall.

Imagine how this could help in daily life. Warm water to clean yourself with and warm air to dry you afterwards. All this, while sitting comfortably on your toilet! They can even be used without having been to the toilet, some people use them to ‘top n tail’ which means taking a shower less often which has to be a good thing?

I think they sound amazing, and although they aren’t specifically aimed at the “disability market” I can think of many people who might benefit.  I thought you might want to know these exist and can be purchased from a UK supplier with a 1 year warranty and spares/repair back up as well.

Qualify for VAT relief? Ascot Hygiene operates the relief scheme as well.

And no, I’m not on commission! As with the Braille business cards I’m keen to share anything that makes life easier and more inclusive.

See more details here: http://ascot-hygiene.co.uk/models.html

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