Using Social Media To Improve Your Job Search

Need money? Tick. Want a job? Tick. Can’t get a job? Tick. Well, I might be able to help you then. Take a look at the infographic just below and you might learn something. It’s a surprising little infographic and reading it might just make all the difference when you apply for the next job.

As a really simple example, just take a look at the first part of the infographic. It highlights how recruiters use social media in order to look for employees and find out more about the employees that are considered. Did you know that 54% of recruiters use Twitter in order to find employees? With this in mind, it becomes quite obvious that we cannot dismiss the necessity of basically learning all that we can about how to use social media in order to improve job search. That’s what we can learn from what is presented.

If you take a look on the internet, you will quickly notice the fact that there are various situations in which people ended up landing very good jobs by simply taking advantage of the social media channels that were available for them. At the same time, it is obvious that if you have any connection to the marketing or PR industries, you have to know all that you can about social media and you have to prove that you can use it in order to find really good opportunities for you.

The “Using Social Media To Improve Job Search” infographic shows you what you have to do in order to increase the possibility of getting hired. At the same time, you will instantly notice what you need to absolutely avoid as it will decrease the possibility of getting a job. One thing that you may not know is that the employees can instantly give up on the idea of hiring you because of something that they see on your profiles.

Take all the time that you may need to look at every single opportunity that is presented in the infographic. You will notice that everything mentioned is important. See how you can use the platforms to get recommendations, find employers and network in a way that increases the possibility of being hired a job.

See what the differences are between the large social networks, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, so that you can make the necessary modifications in your job hunt. Take advantage of technology in a way you never did. It is not difficult to get a job online these days but that is true only if you actually know what to do. You will notice that 50% of candidates were refused in the past because they posted inappropriate photographs on social sites.

See how to use LinkedIn to get recommendations and use Facebook’s graph search to find people in your network. All the stats presented in the infographic aid you to drastically increase the possibility of landing a job while using social media to your advantage and avoiding the mistakes that so many make.

Use Social Media To Improve Your Job Search
Use Social Media To Improve Your Job Search is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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