Fancy being paid to get your degree?

  • Develop into the kind of leader that others want to follow, leading a team of up to 15 colleagues by your third year
  • Gain a BA (Hons) in Business Management and Leadership, and CMI status with the Chartered Management Institute
  • Work with, and learn from, our senior leadership team

Barclays Higher Apprenticeship programme offers you a paid-for degree, a full time job, study leave AND a salary. So on gaining your degree, you also have three years relevant work experience and no student debt.

There is no age limit, and Barclays are looking for anyone with the ambition to be a leader. All they ask is that if you left school less than 12 months ago you have achieved a minimum of 80 UCAS Points (in any subject), or otherwise that you have a minimum of 12 month’s work experience (in any field or sector). They are really keen to attract a diverse range of applicants.

There are more details here on how to apply online.

However, if you are disabled or have a long term health condition and online application doesn’t work for you, Barclays are piloting a groundbreaking alternative scheme called Able to Enable, ring fenced for 10 candidates, which offers a face-to-face experience, involving a number of stages:

Barclays Life-skills: a two-hour informal group session with other potential candidates in Manchester, Birmingham or London, focused on confidence-building and identifying transferable skills/strengths

Barclays and You: an informal group session where you learn more about the scheme, and have some interactive training

Real Experience: 13 weeks paid internship in a local branch (Manchester, Midlands or London), sampling different roles, and with adjustments to meet your needs

Barclays and You: Conversation to decide whether progression to the main degree programme is right for you

Higher Apprenticeship: You begin your 3 year BA (Hons) degree and a full time career with Barclays, with study blocks and support from the university and Barclays staff. You design your own career path, on a rotation sampling various elements of banking life. The degree is fully funded, and you are paid a salary throughout.

In order to be considered for this alternative assessment, the following must apply:

  • You have a clear motivation for becoming a future leader
  • You are able to work full time for the duration of the internship and, if successful, throughout the BHAP programme (3 years)
  • You have a Legal Right to Work in the UK for a minimum of circa 4 years (duration of internship and programme)
  • You can feasibly commute to the proposed pilot branches in your community (Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and various locations in London)
  • If you left school less than 12 months ago, you should have  achieved a minimum of 80 UCAS points (in any subject
  • If that’s not the case, that you should have at least one year’s work experience (in any field)
  • You must be referred by a partner organisation (Evenbreak is one of these!)
If this seems like an exciting opportunity for you, please contact me, Jane Hatton, on or 07899 800476 to discuss the possibility of Evenbreak referring you for the programme. The timeline is tight tho, so please contact me before Friday 23rd February.
The Higher Apprenticeships are a great way to be paid while you do your degree, and for most candidates the online application will be appropriate. The Able to Enable scheme is specifically for disabled candidates for whom online application really isn’t applicable, and who would prefer a more informal and personal assessment process. It’s new, ground-breaking and very exciting!

To advertise jobs on Evenbreak go here –

To find jobs on Evenbreak go here –

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