Graduate Careers in IT

There has never been a better time to be an IT graduate and the UK business community is currently in the grip of a severe skills shortage. But while that is potentially bad news for the economy, it is a fact that could see those who are just starting their careers laughing all the way to the bank.

For companies in the UK and beyond, there is huge power and competitive advantage to be gained through technological innovation. For example, advances in integrated technologies and hyper-converged systems as developed by can bring significant business efficiencies – but only if companies have the right people with the right skills to get the optimum return on investment.

Here, we take a look at some of the best graduate opportunities that could lead to a successful and lucrative career.

1) Software developer

Software developers build and implement software solutions in the form of programs, websites and, increasingly, mobile apps. Of course, there is a degree of “traditional” IT work involved in the form of programming and coding, but equally important is the ability to talk to external and internal clients to clearly define both the problem the solution. Software development is at the heart of every website or app, from your TV on demand to the alarm clock on your phone, so there is certainly no shortage of scope.

2) Data analyst

There is plenty of discussion around the topic of big data analytics, and the advantages it can bring. But like the integrated technologies mentioned earlier, full understanding of what it does and how it does it can be harder to find, even at senior executive level. A data analyst serves as the conduit between the technology and the decision makers, so as well as sound technical knowledge, you need a good business brain and the ability to communicate technical details in non-technical terms. As the technology continues to advance in step with machine learning, this is an area of immense growth and limitless possibilities.

3) Network engineer

If you are more of a “traditional” techy, the role of network engineer could be right up your street. Put simply, the role is all about setting up, maintaining, administrating and periodically upgrading the networks and communication systems that are increasingly the lifeblood of an organisation. The network engineer is also responsible for areas including data security, storage and disaster recovery procedures. It is an area in which you can start at ground zero and rapidly progress, acquiring a variety of specialist certifications and qualifications along the way.

4) Web designer

At the last count, there were more than 1.3 billion websites active, and around 100 more go live every minute. They are all designed by someone, and while a proportion are of the home made variety, most employ the services of a web designer. This is an area in which a few years experience can place the world at your feet, with many of the top web designers able to command top-notch salaries while working flexibly from home or any location on the planet.

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