Virtual not Distant – remote working and disability

Remote working takes inclusive employment to the next level.  It frees up office space. It allows employees to ditch the commute and is even good for the planet.  But what do employers need to consider when implementing it? Is technology the most important thing to consider? Or do the ways we work matter just as much?

Last week, Founder of Evenbreak, Jane Hatton, met up with the team at Virtual not Distant. They believe that the way we work is just as important as the tech.  How does an organisation go about instilling autonomy, trust, flexibility and transparent communication? How do you create a high performing virtual team?

In this podcast, Jane, Maya Middlemiss and Pilar Orti discuss disability and culture. Disabled people still find it twice as hard to find a job as a non-disabled person. And autistic people, in particular, find it hard to gain employment, despite the many benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace. We know that disabled people often have additional skills or ‘superpowers’. We know that diversity is good for business.

So why aren’t all employers tapping into this market?  What stops companies from accessing this pool of incredible skills and talent? Is the fear of ‘saying the wrong thing’ disabling in itself? Listen in and see what conclusions you draw.


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