Comic Relief join Evenbreak and challenge diversity apathy

The much-loved British charity, Comic Relief, well known for tackling poverty and social injustice in the UK and around the world, is the latest client to join Evenbreak and commit to advertising all of their job vacancies with us.

Comic Relief is determined to not only attract more, talented disabled candidates, but also to address workplace issues. The charity has signed up for our ‘best practice portal’, a smorgasbord of resources, which guides employers on best practice around inclusion and accessibility in the workplace. We feel it’s like having an expert around to hold your hand! Liz Warner joined Comic Relief as Chief Executive in 2016 and recently spoke out about the lack of diversity in the charity sector.  At a recent NPC event, focused on challenging the sector’s sluggish rate of progress in embracing diversity, Liz said: “I’m still relatively new to the sector. When I joined, I was shocked at the lack of diversity. I feel like there’s a long way to go until the sector is fully inclusive.”

Championing diversity in the Third Sector

Liz added: “Internally, we are putting a real focus on how we can champion diversity.  We have started to share ideas across the organisation about the issues to consider and how we could work in new ways.  The appetite for this is really strong and we are only just getting started.”

Jane Hatton, Founder and Director of Evenbreak, applauds the charity for tackling this issue: “Comic Relief has demonstrated a genuine commitment to inclusion and accessibility and Evenbreak is delighted to be involved in their programme to positively attract disabled candidates.”

Diane Lightfoot is Chief Executive of the Business Disability Forum. She too has urged other charities to step up and lead the way on disability employment. Cost is often touted as the main barrier to diversity initiatives in the third sector. But Diane reminds leaders that ‘a disabled role model costs nothing’. She suggests charities need to ‘live our values and demonstrate what we are campaigning for when it comes to disability in the workplace’.


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