Answers to the questions you really want to ask!

Won’t employing disabled people hold us back?

Evidence shows that disabled people are, on average, just as productive as non-disabled people. We have less time off sick, fewer workplace accidents and stay in their jobs longer.

Having a diversity of thought can challenge ‘group think’ and enable creativity and innovation. And having internal intelligence can help your company tap into the ‘purple pound’ (the £250 billion that disabled people and their families spend in the UK every year). Disabled people often bring additional skills gained through facing barriers every day – persistence, creativity, problem-solving, determination and so on. In reality, employing disabled people could accelerate your growth!

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Won’t disabled people need expensive adjustments?

Most disabled people don’t need any adjustments at all, or only adjustments that cost little or nothing (e.g. flexible working). For those that do need adjustments with a cost attached, Access to Work will pay some or all of the costs.

What about the risk of being sued?

Anyone can, of course, sue if you do something illegal. However, actively seeking to employ disabled people by advertising on Evenbreak demonstrates you are an inclusive employer.

Our hiring managers are frightened of ‘getting it wrong’. Can you help?

In addition to our job board, we offer a Best Practice Portal, full of practical online resources to help all employees from subscribing organisations gain competence and confidence around disability. 

What kind of jobs are suitable for disabled people?

Disabled people have the same range of abilities, skills and qualities as everyone else. There are no jobs that no disabled people can do, and disabled candidates tend to be really good at self-selecting themselves, only applying for jobs they know they can do.

Why should we use a specialist job board?

Disabled candidates tell us they have confidence to apply to an employer who has paid to advertise their vacancies on a job board specifically aimed at them. They have had so much experience of being rejected that they may not trust other employers to take them seriously. You will attract candidates you won’t find elsewhere, and be seen as an inclusive employer of choice.

Why should we use Evenbreak?

Lots of reasons! Including:

  • Disabled candidates will have confidence in applying for your vacancies, as Evenbreak is the preferred job board for disabled candidates – being run by and for disabled people. Our candidates’ confidence in us, gives them confidence in you
  • You gain access to more candidates, through using the most accessible job board
  • You don’t have to worry about candidate attraction – we do the hard work for you! We are brilliant at engaging with disabled candidates
  • You have the confidence of using an ethical enterprise (accredited social enterprise, Living Wage employer)
  • Your adverts will not only appear on Evenbreak; we share them on other disability websites and on social media. And we promote you as an inclusive employer of choice to our audience through sharing existing content or originating content for you (e.g. videos, blogs, case studies etc)
  • You receive regular reports on how your adverts are performing

Will advertising with you help us become ‘Disability Confident’?

Yes, it will. In fact, Evenbreak is suggested in the guidelines. Using our job board and Best Practice Portal helps you attract, recruit and retain talented disabled people.

If you have any questions at all about employing disabled people – no matter how embarrassing or inappropriate you think they are (believe me, we’ve heard them all, and won’t be shocked, or judge you) – please contact me, Jane, on in absolute confidence, and I’ll give you an honest answer.

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