Spotlight on Talent – Divya S

Our Business Storyteller Dee speaks to another one of our talented candidates…

Introducing Divya S…


Divya is looking for a role in strategic HR. She has a curious and inquiring mind and is determined to make a difference, which she’s been doing since university. Read on to find out more about another one of our talented Evenbreak candidates.  [Image Description: Divya is standing in an industrial looking room with a few people in the background. Divya is wearing a light jacket and is smiling.]

To find out more, we asked Divya a few questions…

What would be your dream role?

My dream role would be a strategic role in HR where I would have the opportunity to learn more about how diversity and inclusion initiatives sit within the HR sector. I’m keen to see how the narrative can be changed on neurodiversity, and its value within the workplace. I want to be able to support people who feel they haven’t been supported, to be aware of how they can perform equally as well as other people.

What do people you’ve worked or volunteered with, say about you?

People I work with tend to say I am someone who always asks great questions. I remember, as an intern, one person who was managing me said he hadn’t seen an intern before who was so naturally strategic! I like to reflect on the bigger picture when approaching problems.

What are you particularly proud of?

While I was at Warwick University, where I studied Philosophy with Psychology, I went to South Africa as a volunteer teacher. Apart from teaching, I am proud that I helped to create a partnership between the township school and a scholarship foundation that sponsored one student a year to go on a 2-week placement conference at Imperial College in London. Helped by the confidence she gained from that experience, the student who I helped get on the placement subsequently won a place at a highly prestigious university back in South Africa. As a student myself at the time, I didn’t think I was in a position to do a lot, but I was able to push for something I believed in.

This sums up what inspires me – I want to feel that I’m helping people by giving them opportunities to better themselves. And I think the ADHD side of my brain means I’m naturally quite innovative and curious as a person.

Can you tell us something not many people would know about you?

I love Latin dance – especially Batacha, which is a lovely slow, sensual dance from the Dominican Republic. I’d love to spend some time in South America getting to a professional level in it!

What’s your disability? 

I have ADHD

Professional Experience

Exceptional Individuals HR Admin & Volunteer Coordinator
March 2019 – present London

Implemented a new, digitalised volunteer recruitment and onboarding system and strategy for job coaches and volunteers, to support Exceptional Individuals’ business needs under COVID-19.

Solely responsible for managing and co-ordinating the end-to-end operations of the new volunteer lifecycle, and the creation and processing of new starter systems and learning materials.

Line managing early-career volunteers and implementing new retention and engagement processes, content and systems supporting volunteer development in accordance with theirs and employee feedback. Successfully retained the largest number of volunteers since the business was originally created.

Enjoy Education Client Services
August 2019 – December 2019, London

Liaised with client managers in solving complex tutor recruitment requests within 48 hours, by carrying out the end-to-end customer delivery for matching the right tutors to high net worth client programme needs.

Built and nurtured strong relationships with tutor network to foster interaction and engagement, as well as supported the tutor selection process by facilitating interviews and hiring decisions.

Produced a foundational learning and development training plan on negotiation, trusted advisor and leadership skills to be built upon and delivered by Enjoy Education strategic management team in 2020.

Enactus UK Programme Improvement Manager
September 2018 – May 2019 London

Remotely managed and coordinated the performance of 21 Enactus university teams to meet strategic team, business and project deadlines through quarterly campus consultation visits and bi-weekly skype calls.

Co-created online learning materials including mandatory recruitment and handover modules with a programme team for Enactus UK training centre. Rolled out and made accessible for 2400 Enactus student and staff members.
Liaised and built relationships with key Enactus stakeholders (University Advisors, Enactus Alumni and Corporate Business Advisors) on best practice and strategy for teams.

Helped prevent the closing down of 4 at-risk Enactus university teams, by focusing on a tailored people strategy which increased the team’s advisory support network and provided effective recruitment strategy.

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