A Useful List of Disability Employment Data

Whether it’s internally sourced metrics or national reports and statistics – when it comes to tackling barriers in disability employment, we know that understanding data is key. Whilst internal data might be readily at hand, finding statistics on a wider scope might be more of a task.  That’s why here at Evenbreak we’ve complied this List of Disability Employment Data.   

Getting Started  

When it comes to learning about the scope of employment outcomes for disabled people, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have several great datasets and reports with analysis by age, sex, impairment type, country, region, type of occupation and working patterns. Many of these datasets are updated on a yearly or quarterly basis and can be a good resource to track how your HR analytics evolve through time – making it easier to find those key stats to join the dots on your inclusion journey. 

Best Quick Overview 

UK Disability Employment Outcomes 2020 – Overview 

UK Disability Employment Outcomes – Annual Dataset 

Best Indepth Data 

UK Labour Market Status of Disabled People – Quarterly Dataset 

The Employment of Disabled People 2019 – Report and Dataset 

The Disability Pay Gap 

According to 2018 statistics, disabled people face pay gaps of around 12% in comparison to their non-disabled peers with those aged 30-34 more likely to be affected. According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a deficit of data on disabled Employees hampers the progression of disabled employees, with only 3% of organisations measuring their ethnicity or disability pay gaps in 2018. As government measures to improve internal reporting are in the pipeline and there’s never been a better time to make use of data and take action. 

Best Quick Overview  

Disabily Pay Gap Overview 2020 – Public and Commercial Services Union 

Best Report based on Data – Short Read 

Disability pay and employment gap report – TUC 

Best Report for Actionable HR Steps Using Data  Long Read 

Disability Pay Gap Report – Equality and Human Rights Commission 

Best Raw Data  

Disability Pay Gap Dataset – Office of National Statistics 

Employee Retention 

Although finding solutions to the attraction and recruitment of talented disabled candidate is important, employee retention plays a key part to improve employment outcomes for disabled people.  

Best In-depth Reports and Datasets 

Health in the Workplace Statistics – UK Goverment  

Disability Disclosure 

Finding market wide data on Disability Disclosure in the workplace can be quite tricky, however Scope’s 2017 survey of 306 working disabled people found nearly half of disabled people (48%) have worried about sharing information about their impairment or condition with an employer.  Their report also gives great recommendations to employers on how to encourage disclosure when gathering internal data.   

Best Qualitative Data Report 

Let’s Talk –  Report by Disability Charity Scope 


Disability can affect anyone regardless of their demographic, so if you are interested in the intersectionality of disabled people in employment and have a joined-up mindset with Diversity and Inclusion, looking laterally at data can give a bigger picture. 

Best In-depth Dataset 

Characteristics of Disabled People in Employment Dataset – UK Goverment  

Specialist Data 

Whilst general stats related to disability employment are undoubtedly great resources, specialist data can also be useful when it comes to specific disabilities, topics and even locations. Whether it be using county specific data from London or understanding the data behind Learning Disabilities, it can all form part of the bigger picture in recruitment analytics. Here are some of our top picks… 

Best Regional Data – London 

Employment Rates by Disability – London Dataset  

Best Reports and Data on Learning Disabilities 

Learning Disability Employment Rates Report – BASE UK  

Learning Disability Statistic and Research – Mencap 

Best Reports and Data on Mental Health 

Mental Health in the Workplace Report and Statistics- Mental Health Foundation  

Best Datasets on the Impact of Co-vid 19 in the UK 

Labour Market Covid-19 Impact – ONS Report  

Best International Data and Comparison Tools 

International Fact Sheet and Data – United Nations  

Disability Employment Global Comparison Tool – Disability Data Portal   

Well, that’s our big list of disability employment data, but we’d love to hear about any more data you’ve found useful to add, feel free to send in your suggestions to Titi at titil@evenbreak.co.uk 

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