Best Practice Case Studies: The Environment Agency


The Environment Agency tells us about how offering work experience to disabled people can lead to full time permanent jobs:

We developed a relationship with Papworth Trust and have been working closely with the Trust to look at ways of creating an environment to help people gain invaluable employment experience.

“The attachment scheme is an ideal platform for people looking to return to work to gain invaluable work experience. It has also helped with integration back into work and helped overcome fears and concerns, while at the same time, being immensely beneficial to our own staff.”

We have already successfully placed 4 disabled people into our Brampton office, on work experience placements ranging from one month to 6 months and two secured permanent work in the Environment Management Teams in Brampton.

We have since offered more work experience opportunities:-

In the EP building at Brampton we offered a placement to Nina, a wheelchair user. This gave us an opportunity to test our facilities for disabled users. Nina provided support to a busy technical team that do not have an administrator on their structure, allowing the team to spend more time delivering outcomes. Nina had previously been apprehensive about entering the workplace, but she told us “I found working with the team boosted my confidence.” The team felt she was included and encouraged by the experience.

With this in mind Tony joined the Groundwater and Contaminated Team in January and has been given a 9 month work placement.   Not only did this build the confidence of the individuals from Papworth Trust but also Agency staff.


Comments included: “It made me realise that we are actually passionately committed to breaking down the barriers”.

We are looking at new work placement opportunities over the next 6 months.


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