Positive Action for Disability (Housing)

The Chartered Institute for Housing run a scheme called Positive Action for Disability. This is a two-year training scheme for disabled people who would like a career in housing, and is designed to address the massive under-representation of disabled people working in Housing. Trainees (mostly graduates) are given a paid two-year work placement with training and mentoring, resulting in a qualification. Most trainees go on to find permanent employment in housing.

Paul talks about his experience here.

And Eileen about hers here

This is a useful programme both for the trainees, who gain access to a professional training programme, and housing organisations, who learn so much about disability. Typically, disabled people are over-represented as tenants of social housing, and so it makes sense for housing organisations to have internal intelligence about that group of people. Employing disabled people can help provide a better, more appropriate service to many tenants.

If you are a housing organisation that thinks you would benefit from becoming involved in such a scheme, or a disabled person looking for a career in housing, contact Graham Findlay, the Positive Action for Disability Manager at the Chartered Institute of Housing for more information. He is on graham.findlay@cih.org  or 07508 042112

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