Inclusion at L & Q

Evenbreak employer L & Q Group is a regulated charitable housing association and one of the UK’s most successful independent social businesses. The L&Q Group houses around 250,000 people in more than 95,000 homes, primarily across London and the South East.

L & Q offices

We wanted our candidates to know more about this amazing organisation and how welcoming they are to disabled candidates and employees. Here are their answers to our questions:

Why is it important to L & Q to employ disabled people? 

It’s an important part of our social contract with the communities we serve that our organisation reflects the makeup of our residents. We want to be an organisation ofdisabled people rather than fordisabled people. Beyond that, we share the same requirements for diverse talent that all organisations have: minimising Groupthink, increased productivity and innovation, accessing the widest range of talent possible. L&Q are doing ground-breaking things that haven’t been attempted before. If we continue to do things the same way then we won’t achieve our ambitious goals.

Apart from advertising on Evenbreak, how else have you made your recruitment process accessible and inclusive? 

We have made a number of improvements, including using anonymised CVs at sift to minimise unconscious bias in the process. Additionally, all recruitment staff and hiring managers receive explicit training in unconscious bias in the hiring process as part of the training package on recruitment. 

We ask candidates if they have any requirements we need to accommodate when inviting to interview and our recruitment portal has accessibility options to make viewing our vacancies and applying for roles easier for those that need it.  If necessary, we’re able to undertake interviews via Skype or using other platforms if accessing the office is problematic for a candidate.

Do you offer flexible working? 

We are as flexible as we can be, including remote working and flexible hours whenever possible. Given the wide variety of roles and responsibilities at L&Q, there is no ‘one size fits all’: it’s a conversation to be had between colleague and manager on what works for the individual and the business. 

What else do you offer disabled employees? 

There is a talent management offer for ALL staff which includes access to mentoring, learning and development and appropriate career progression tools.

We have an employee Wellbeing programme, iMatter, which has four pillars: mental health, physical health (including physical impairments and long-term illness), financial wellbeing and life skills (for example: first aid, fire safety, online security). 

Reasonable adjustments are, of course, available for any staff requiring them and we have 25 Mental Health First Aiders across the organisation.

Our L&Q Academy is helping us to become a more accessible and attractive local employer with a reputation for investment in staff. It delivers our apprenticeships and graduate programme, and provides developmental opportunities for staff.

Through the Academy staff at all levels can train and achieve higher level and technical qualifications and increase their earning power. The Academy is there to support anyone who wants to work for L&Q, but we’re also keen to encourage our residents and others living in our communities to benefit from the various opportunities available. 

Have you been recognised for inclusion? 

Disability Confident Committed logo

We are a Disability Confident (Committed) Employer and hold an Investors in People Gold award. Recently L & Q won Best HR Policy at the 2019 Diversity in Housing awards.

In a nutshell, why would a disabled candidate choose to apply to L & Q? 

For the same reasons anyone would apply to L&Q – a social enterprise that delivers genuine impact in communities and is at the forefront of tackling the housing crisis, whilst providing a competitive rewards package. 

Our offer as an employer should start from this strong base for everyone, whilst recognising that some groups of people see value in the additional things we do to for and with different groups of people. Among others, our staff particularly enjoy the inclusive culture, the empowerment to get on with the job and working with great colleagues. 

Find current opportunities with L & Q here

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