Spotlight on Talent – Savan

Another in our ongoing series, showcasing our talented candidates. This time it’s Savan’s turn.

Photo of Savan

What kind of role would your skill-set and experience make you ideally suited for?

The ideal role for me would be as a Junior Video Editor or Junior Content Creator

What qualities do you have that would make an employer really want to employ you?

I am hardworking and very organised but also I enjoy creating content and work really well in a team. I am also Autistic which I feel will greatly benefit any employer who is looking for a unique perspective to the job at hand.

What would a prospective employer need to do to access your talent?

Frequent communication and making sure I am taking enough breaks as once I’m really focused I forget to eat and drink enough. Also making the workplace Autism friendly would be very helpful.

If any employer would like to access Savan’s talent, please get in touch with Jane on There is no recruitment fee (we aren’t an agency – we just want to demonstrate the talent that employers are missing out on if they ignore disabled candidates!)

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