Spotlight on Talent – Sukhbir

Another talented Evenbreak candidate who demonstrates the diversity of capabilities and skills our candidates have to offer.


Sukhbir is currently a part time student with Inspire learning, completing a Level 2 qualification in Maths. During Mid June she will be doing another Community course with The Nottingham College which is based around sewing .

These will add to her growing list of qualifications, including:

  1. Business Administration Advance Diploma Level 3
  2. Beauty and Therapy Diploma Level 2
  3. NCFC sewing Level 2
  4. Functional Skills English Level 2
  5. Functional Skills Maths Level 2
  6.  Sewing for beginners
  7. Food and Hygiene Level 2
  8. First Aid working practice Level 2

Sukhbir is on a work programme with Building Better Opportunities in which she is trying to find employment in fashion, beauty or retail long term.

The type of role that would be ideal for for Sukhbir and would demonstrate her skills would be something involving sewing or fashion as she has a keen interest in textiles and would enjoy an opportunity to teach at a beginners level.

She is articulate, inspiring, adapting readily to learn new projects relating to subjects of interest including textiles, fashion, beauty and retail.

If you would like to find out more about Sukhbir, please let me know at No agency fees – we just want Sukhbir to be able to use her skills in a paid role!

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