The new guy is disabled! What do we do?

The fear of ‘getting it wrong’ paralyses the best of us. So, at Evenbreak we love clients who are honest. And ask for help supporting disabled employees.

It’s impossible to know everything about inclusion. Equality law. Protected characteristics. Inclusive terminology. Accessible design. And even when you do know an awful lot; we are all still individuals. What works for one disabled employee might not work for another.

The best employers admit they’re still learning. They search for ways to improve. And they look to those with lived experience for help.

“What we really need is someone with superpowers”

To help you along the way, Evenbreak developed the Best Practice Portal. A well-kept secret for inclusive employers that gives you some important superpowers. It answers many of the questions you’d like to ask. But don’t know how to. And it helps you keep your talented disabled employees once they’re on board.

It’s not free of course. Disabled people must eat too! But we’ve kept the price low to support as many employers as possible. So they can support their workforce in turn. And because we’re a social enterprise all profits go towards making change happen. And improving the workplace for everyone.

The portal is packed full of bite size tips. We help you with everything from accessible interviews to reasonable adjustments. And include content from both disabled people and inclusive employers. So, you get both perspectives.

Here’s a free sneak preview for you. Because you made it to the end: Link to Graeme Whippy talking about inclusive selection methods

To harness some super powers of your own and find out more about the Best Practice Portal email us at

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