Disability Doesn’t Discriminate (and we don’t, either!)

Although our focus is primarily on disability at Evenbreak, we recognise the importance of ‘intersectionality’. Disability doesn’t discriminate; it affects people of all skin colours, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, ages and so on.

Our own team reflects our values around diversity and inclusion. We are all disabled (as a social firm, it’s a condition of working for Evenbreak), but we are diverse in other ways too. Over half of us are female, a third of us are from BAME communities, our ages range from teens to beyond retirement age, and we have a mix of sexual orientations.

So it may not be surprising (although it’s very pleasing!) to find that our specialist job board doesn’t just help employers attract an array of talented disabled candidates, but that our amazing candidate pool is diverse in other ways too.

Independent research by Applied found Evenbreak to be in the top five job boards for ethnic diversity and gender.

This is important. Disabled people face barriers in finding employment. So do people from think minority backgrounds. If you are from both, that’s a double whammy. These barriers are mostly around the (wildly inaccurate) negative assumptions employers have certain groups of people.

At Evenbreak we are proud that our candidates are diverse, and reflect the population. And that the employers who use Evenbreak are looking for talent first, and recognise that diversity is an asset, not a problem.

Find talented and diverse disabled candidates here!

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