Spotlight on Talent – Andrew

Today’s candidate ‘under the spotlight’ is Andrew. As you will see, his immense skills are augmented by a great sense of humour!

What kind of role would your skill-set and experience make you ideally suited for?

Essentially my education propels me towards managerial roles and my experience is mostly within sales, with some managerial and consulting work thrown in for good measure.

What qualities do you have that would make an employer really want to employ you?

Well, the way I look at it, anyone with a halfway decent education can make a good fist of sales, management and consultancy – and those of us with a good education have a chance to rule the boxing match.  However, I look at things differently, and my creativity means I can help my employer/client stand out and differentiate himself.  You see, I’m also involved in the Arts – writing, painting, making music – and art is the soil in which creativity, and thus commercially-significant differentiation, is grown. 

 Additionally, I am well-connected, with thousands of engaged contacts all over the world, and a great many of those in London and the UK.

My exceptionally capable brain is also a tremendous asset to any employer.  Give me problems to solve, and with my near-genius level IQ (bragging, I know, but what do you want me to do?  I am a salesman, after all…) I am in my element. The beneficiary of that wisdom will also reap huge dividends.

I don’t talk about my disability much – I don’t wish to be known for that – but in this case disclosure may be a good thing.  I have, funnily enough, brain damage, sustained in infancy – which manifests in fine-motor difficulties, some speech impairment and some minor balance issues.  As long as I’m not required to do intricate mechanical work or stand on one leg for a protracted length of time I’m able to function well!

What would a prospective employer need to do to access your talent?

Reach out and negotiate a fair contract.  I don’t bite…

If any employer would like to access Andrew’s talent, please get in touch with Jane on There is no recruitment fee (we aren’t an agency – we just want to demonstrate the talent that employers are missing out on if they ignore disabled candidates!)

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