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Moving into work: exploring how young disabled people are transitioning from education to work

‘Moving into Work’ is an exciting new research project that is exploring the ways in which young disabled people (aged 18-25) are transitioning into work from education. This research aims to find out how young people living with impairments and long-term health conditions are transitioning into work, including the recruitment process, searching for work, applications, interviews and beyond. 

This research is being carried out online with written conversations through email, messaging and video calls in light of some COVID-19 restrictions still being in place and to ensure being a part of this research is accessible without the need for travelling. 

This project is important as it seeks to move away from individualised approaches where the onus falls upon disabled individuals to seek out adjustments and educate their employers. Understanding how disabled people are experiencing the process of accessing work is key to uncovering how the dissemination and communication surrounding careers for young disabled people can be improved. 

If you would like to know more about this project, or take part, please visit the ‘Moving into Work’ Facebook page or contact Emma Partlow on:

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