The Kickstart Scheme needs to include disabled young people

At Evenbreak, we welcome the Kickstart Scheme, and are keen to ensure that disabled young people aren’t excluded from this scheme. Our friends at Microlink can offer lots of support if this is something you are interested in exploring further. Here, they explain how it works:

The Office of National statistics have shown that young people have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, with people under 25 accounting for two thirds of job losses. The government Kickstart Scheme has been introduced to support young people to gain new skills and valuable work experience – at absolutely no cost to an employer.

This Scheme is part of a £2 billion government fund that will fully fund an employer of any size, across the private, public and third sector to create 6-month work placements for young people who are on universal credit aged 16 – 24. The funding includes paying 100% of the relevant national minimum wage for 25 hours a week, plus associated employer National Insurance contributions, also employer auto-enrolment pension contributions. Alongside this the employer will receive £1500 to help fund towards the support that they are to provide each individual. 

A key goal of this scheme is to ensure that each kickstart employee gains the work skills to become more employable at the end of their work placement. 

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) have requested that each employer provides full wrap-around support for every single placement they provide to ensure that each placement is beneficial for both the employee and employer, making sure that the employee comes out enriched with life-long transferable skills which is at the very heart of the scheme. This means that the support is tailored, making sure that all accessibility, skill level and suitability needs are covered.

Microlink PC are a national registered gateway for the scheme and can support and assist employers across the UK, during the application process as well as a full wraparound support package for kickstart candidates focusing on literacy, numeracy, and communication with trained psychologists. Supporting from start to end. 

Microlink are working with the local job centres and work coaches to meet potential candidates to gain insight on their aspirations, skill level and personalities and match this with the kickstart employers before being contacted for interview. Meaning a higher success rate and a higher chance of a constructive and positive working experience for both the employee and the business. After the 6-month placement the employer has the opportunity to offer full time employment.

Passionate, talented young people are being left behind in the UK and as a result are on universal credit.  The Kickstart scheme is here to help them to fulfil their potential. You can get involved and at no cost contact / 02380 240300 (option 6)

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