Natasha’s Story


Natasha is an incredibly bright young woman with two degrees, gained after having to learn from scratch how to function again after a brain haemorrhage, demonstrating her amazing determination and drive. Employers should be fighting over themselves to employ her, right? And she does receive many offers of work, but they are either unpaid (voluntary charity work) or short-term and insecure. 

Following her Masters’ degree (mostly done because finding work seemed impossible after her first degree), she sought careers support. Her experience was that the support on offer was patronising, or inappropriate. On one occasion she was just advised, “Don’t mention your disability”, whereas having achieved so much since becoming disabled is a strength Natasha should be proud of, rather than hiding.

At the end of 2020, she completed a short -term contract with the World Health Organisation and was once again looking for work. Turning to LinkedIn, three people suggested she contact the Career Hive at Evenbreak, where she received some career coaching from Tammy, one of the team of coaches at the Hive.

Natasha says that Tammy really helped her to appreciate her worth, recognising that a string of unpaid activities for charity was not financially sustainable, and that she has so much to offer an employer. This boosted Natasha’s confidence. Tammy’s support included suggesting useful links to other sites, and helping her to focus on jobs that would make great use of her many strengths.

A job came up which Natasha really liked the look of, and Tammy is helped her to review her CV and tailor it to this role, and prepare her for the selection process. Natasha was feeling much more confident in this application and … she was successful in gaining the role! She says it was great to receive support from someone who understands the challenges of having an ‘invisible’ impairment, and that she finally received the support she needed from Evenbreak’s Career Hive.

Could our Career Hive help you find the right job for you?

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