Molly’s Story

Molly currently works part-time for a charity for deaf women, which she enjoys, but really needs more hours and income. The charity is dependent on ongoing funding which means that even Molly’s part-time role is insecure. She has hearing and sight loss, which is likely to degenerate further over time. In insecure part-time work, she needs something more, and is not sure about what she should do next. It took three long years to find work after university, which sapped Molly’s confidence. She was feeling a bit ‘flat’, and unsure of what options are available for someone with deteriorating sight loss.

Whilst doing some voluntary work for the charity Sense, Molly came across a mention of Evenbreak in a list of resources, and contacted the Career Hive. She was a bit wary, as previous careers support she had found seemed intent on shoe-horning her into any old job, suitable or otherwise.

A few coaching sessions with Tammy, one of the Hive’s team of career professionals, reassured her that the Hive wanted to tailor the support to her needs. They focused on what practical actions Molly could take right now, and on how to ask for relevant adjustments.

From feeling quite flat and pessimistic, Molly now feels much more confident and positive about the future. She explored different career options with Tammy, taking a practical and logical approach which really works for Molly, and they are looking at applications together. She has already landed a role which she feels will be a great stepping stone to her dream job.

Molly says, “It’s great to find careers support that is relevant and accessible, and tailored to my needs. I feel so much more positive about my future career path now.”

Could our Career Hive help you find the right job for you?

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