Reach – Public Inclusion Commitments

Evenbreak employer Reach report on the external commitments they’ve made to inclusion so far.

What: Three commitments we’ve made or pledges our leaders have signed, giving us a clear picture of what success looks like, and giving us external support and guidance along the way while also keeping us publicly accountable:

● The Valuable 500

● Race at Work Charter

● 30% Club

Why: At Reach we want to be ambitious and clear about our direction of travel, positive about our progress but also open about where we need to improve. To strike this balance, we’re harnessing the expertise of other organisations with insight in a number of key areas.

It’s important that our most senior leaders put their names to these commitments as a sign of personal responsibility that sends a strong message to the rest of the business.

While these commitments are a mix of explicit targets and guiding aspirations, we take all of these partnerships very seriously and expect these relationships to shape our Inclusion work for years to come.

Commitments Summaries

30% Club: Reach has joined the 30% Club, becoming the first UK news publisher to explicitly commit to achieving at least 30% women on its board and senior management team by 2023, as well as a person of colour on each. As part of their involvement, Reach will also take part in the world’s largest cross-company scheme in the world, facilitated by the 30% Club, which this autumn will see ten women from Reach selected for external mentoring from other member organisations, ranging from Unilever to HSBC. In turn, Reach will provide ten senior leaders (women or men) to the programme, to act as mentors to women from other member organisations.

Race at Work Charter: Reach has signed The Race at Work Charter to ensure that ethnic minority employees are represented at all levels in an organisation. We are working towards the five principles detailed below, and have already achieved some of them (eg. our Group Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Embley is the Executive Sponsor for ReachCulture, our colleague network focusing on ethnicity).

1. Appoint an Executive Sponsor

2. Capture ethnicity data and publicise progress

3. Commit at board level to zero tolerance of harassment and bullying

4. Make clear that supporting equality in the workplace is the responsibility of all leaders and managers

5. Take action that supports ethnic minority career progression

The Valuable 500: Reach has joined The Valuable 500 companies in making a commitment to disability inclusion. The commitments include:

1. A focus on diversity and inclusion at Board level, including a disability agenda

2. The creation of a new colleague network focussed on supporting and raising awareness of visible and invisible disabilities, sponsored by an Executive Committee member dedicated to help identify priorities and target change

3. A data collection campaign across the group to gather self-identification data about Reach colleagues, the outcome of which will inform future Inclusion work

4. The establishment of partnerships with external organisations to recruit and support people with disabilities

What our people are saying

What do you hope joining the Valuable 500 will achieve?

“It’s brilliant news that we have joined the Valuable 500, making a public commitment to diversity. We’re doing some great work within our ReachAbility network, so it’s really reassuring to know that the board is as committed to diversity and inclusion, and affecting change as we are. Having an Exco sponsor invested in supporting and raising awareness forthose living with disability means that change is within reach.”

Selina Shanker, Communications Lead, ReachAbility

What does Reach’s partnership with the 30% Club mean to you?

30 percent by 2023 seems like a great place to start for every organisation working to improve its gender diversity – it’s clear, it’s achievable and we hope it triggers a natural momentum for continued improvement. While I know there’s still lots of work to do, I’m thrilled that Reach has taken this important step and made their target public. The targets around ethnic diversity are also crucial as I don’t think you can truly separate these goals.

Alison Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of the Mirror and Chair of Women in Journalism

It’s great to see Reach taking this important step towards a more diverse board and senior management structure by committing to a global movement in the 30% Club. ReachEquality is striving for gender balance at all levels of the business because we recognise the importance of role models and different voices in diversifying and growing our business. Our mission is to champion women, challenge for gender equality and support and inspire everyone at Reach to reach their full potential. We are working with colleagues to create a truly inclusive organisation that attracts diverse talent and this announcement only encourages us even more to continue to move the dial on gender diversity in business. Starting from within.”

LesleyAnn Diffin, Communications Lead, ReachEquality

Why is signing the Race at Work Charter so significant?

Subscribing to this charter is a sign that the company is prepared to offer more than just words. With greater awareness of the structural inequalities, bias and barriers to promotion that exist in our industry, it’s essential that organisations like Reach lead the way. It’s really encouraging to see that our company is committing to understanding the diversity of our workforce, making it a priority at a senior level and clearing a path for all employees to succeed in our business – regardless of their race or ethnic origin.”

Yakub Qureshi, Communications Lead, ReachCulture

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