Inclusion at Inmarsat

At Inmarsat we believe that diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation, and we want every person who joins us to realise their full potential.

Why is it important to your company to employ disabled people?

We know diversity brings positive difference and breeds an environment where everybody can flourish to realise their full potential together. At Inmarsat we are immensely proud of our multi-national and multi-ethnic workforce with a breadth and richness of skills, contributions and viewpoints which make us stronger. But we also know we have more to do to be completely inclusive. We want to be a clear employer of choice for people with disabilities.

Have you got any other Inclusive Recruitment Processes?

Our careers site and application process are fully accessible. We are transparent about our interview process and want candidates to feel they can disclose to us any adjustments they need throughout this process. The resourcing team to ensure a fair interview experience for everyone. They also run an Interview Skills Programme for our hiring managers which includes conscious and unconscious bias awareness training.

Do you offer flexible working?

Absolutely! Inmarsat is a company driven by your output rather than how many hours you are in the office or, in today’s world, online at home! 

Prior to COVID we had implemented a flexible work pattern, but since the pandemic we have shifted to a more formal hybrid way of working, to enable our employees to excel in the workplace whilst having the flexibility to juggle personal needs and home-life. 

What else do you offer disabled employees?

We offer an inclusive and welcoming culture which encourages all employees to be themselves, knowing this will enable them to be their best.

Our building is fully accessible.

We listen to our employees – if we need to implement change we encourage you to work with us…a great example is our adoption policy, which we amended last year when one of our employees was adopting in a same sex relationship.

Have you been recognised for inclusion?

In the past, to be honest, we’ve not actively looked for recognition in inclusion, but this is changing. We are a member of the Business Disability Forum and taking real steps to becoming truly inclusive. And joining up with Evenbreak is one example of how we are taking a strong, positive move in the right direction.

In a nutshell, why should a disabled candidate choose to apply to Inmarsat?

We are very proud of our culture and have a strong sense of purpose, rooted in our founding mission to save lives at sea. Today we are evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers, but we can’t achieve this without a workforce that is reflective of society now. 

We at Inmarsat need you to help us get there, and in return you will be rewarded with a fascinating career. 

To find out more about Inmarsat and to search for their roles have a look here.

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