Guest Blog: Apprenticeships for homeworkers

Today's guest blog is written by Bernie Emery, and explores an exciting and innovative way to help organisations offer apprenticeships to people who work from home. I think this is an amazing opportunity for both employers and disabled employees who wish to learn and work from home. Bernie discusses it here: As part of our … Continue reading Guest Blog: Apprenticeships for homeworkers

Best Practice Case Studies: Rank

I strongly believe that collaboration is the way forward in making the world of work inclusive and accessible to all who wish to work. Sharing best practice and learning from each other makes it easier for employers to find ways to improve their own practice. When I asked employers for examples of innovative practice in … Continue reading Best Practice Case Studies: Rank

Homeworking – a good thing?

People go to work for many reasons, in addition to the requirement to receive an income. Those reasons will vary from individual to individual, but may include having a purpose, feeling valuable and valued, using their skills, the social contact with colleagues, having a challenge, having a structure to their lives and many more. And people … Continue reading Homeworking – a good thing?